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 Today & # 39; s Biggest Challenges For Christianity

For you who lived in this modern age, may see Christianity is at war with so many ideologies. The war is never been such difficult as today. The biggest challenges are coming from these three ideologies: liberalism, materialism, and hedonism.

Liberalism is known as ideology which emphasizes the freedom of thinking. Everyone has his own mind and also the rightful authority to analyze based on it. The positive side of this ideology is that people are encouraged to think and maximize their special gifts from God, which is their brain. Unfortunately, it is often too over in practical.

A lot of people accept liberalism and use it on their approach towards the Bible. Logical thinking is built to understand the Bible. In some condition, it is really help the church. But many people finally come into conclusion of asking the Bible authority. Is Bible the only guidance for truth? Is there any other way for salvation inside through Jesus? Is Jesus really God?

Through liberalism, many people do not believe in God any more and turn from the truth. Freedom of mind has replaced Biblical authority. Make people lost their faith unto Jesus, the savior. And the unseen results, which can be found easily now, is that people begin to doubt that Jesus is the only way for salvation. Liberalism is big deviance for Christianity.

The second challenge is materialism. Everything is measured by money, is the issue. Someone & # 39; s wealth determinates his social status in society. This cause social discrimination and form the economic classes. Furthermore, materialism tries to connect someone & # 39; s financial status with his / her faith to God.

Materialism, which is already blend in the church, trigger the perspective that if someone receive Jesus in his / her heart, then he / she should be rich. It is not hard to know the impact. People motivation to follow Jesus becomes different. They choose Jesus not because they want to sacrifice their live for Jesus, but to be rich and prosperous. More things to be worried about is an opinion that if someone remains in his financial condition, after he / she receives Jesus, that & # 39; s mean he / she has no faith on Jesus! Materialism has made Christianity come into low grade by measuring human & # 39; s life with money.

Besides liberalism and materialism, the other ideology that becomes a big challenge for Christianity is hedonism. This ideology teachers people to enjoy their lives. You only live once, so enjoy your life and do what ever you want. It is the motto. Hedonism has influenced every single area of ​​life. That & # 39; s why the entertainments business never goes bankrupt. People find the entertainment to satisfify their desire for pleasant life.

Does Christianity also influenced by hedonism? Unfortunately, yes. A lot of people are coming to church to find entertainment. Adoration to God is replaced by an entertainment show. They & # 39; re coming to see great singer, musician, and even great preacher. Church programs are produced to satisfy congregation and not encouraged people to worship God.

Christian supposes to teach us about adoration to God. Not a show to satisfy people who came by. Christians should come to church with a passion to please God and give their best for Him. Not to think what would they get from the service, but what would they bring to The Lord?

We come into a conclusion that Christianity is a Christ-centered relationship. Every Christians suppose to have a brief understanding about this. Without it, it & # 39; s so easy for us to fall into the trap of liberalism, materialism, and hedonism, which is a man-centered relationship.

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