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What's the Difference in Christianity 100 Years Ago?

Christianity today seems to suffer from too much information, 100 years ago, there were hundreds of Christian leaders that could not even read or write. Today most Christians, including their leaders, not only can read or write, but have access to more information than some large Christian churches would like their followers to know.

100 years ago, would put this at 1809 and if you were a Christian, there is a good chance that you were not exposed to more than three or four religions, especially if you are living in the United States. Most Christians back then only knew of one religion and today, with access to the Internet and large libraries, we can expose ourselves to more religions than we can even imagine today.

Today Christian leaders are being asked difficult questions as more Christians are being inspired, through the Holy Spirit to find the truth. The quest for the truth, a long time ago was not that big of a concern, simply because most Christians, spent most of their time working and when they were not working, they were too tired to read and most of them, wouldn "t even think about studying the Bible.

Why would you need to study the Bible, there was not anyone telling you that it did not make sense, every one you knew, believed in God and Christianity. We seem to forget, that there were still quite a few people, who could not read the Bible, even as early as 100 years ago.

Yeah, things have definitely changed and I would imagine 100 years from now, things will be a lot different. Christianity has survived for over 2000 years, and do you think it will survive another thousand.

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