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 Buddhist Meditation

When one considers the practice of meditation, the first thing to come to mind is generally either yoga or Pilates. While both concepts have proven quite effective for a variety of purposes, the often least considered option is just as effective as these two examples. That which we speak of is the art and practice of Buddhist Meditation.

Buddhism in itself can actually be traced back further than both Pilates and Yoga put together, all the way to the sixth century. It began with the birth of one man, Buddha Siddhartha Gautama. Granted, the religion in itself has taken on many aspects that are more modern since its origin.

Buddhism is based upon aspects, called the "Four Noble Truths." These truths are referred to as the Nature of Dukkha, The origin of Dukkha, The cessation of Dukkha, and the Way Leading to the Cessation of Dukkha. You will notice the recurrence of the word, Dukkha. This word basically means "suffering," and can encompass anything that brings us pain on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level.

The actual meditation techniques in them are numorous, to say the least. As the techniques are man, so are the focoes of the techniques, though they can all be traced back to one overall theme, and that is to alleviate suffering in some form or another. With this wide variety of buddhist meditation options are those of mindfulness, concentration, tranquility, and insight. To impress upon you the considerable that the buddhist meditation techniques have become in today & # 39; s society, there are currently over 90 different methods.

Do you have to subscribe to the Buddhist believes to effectively practice these meditations? Absolutely not. The actual buddhism religion itself and the meditation techniques are two completely different concepts.

As for actually performing buddhist meditation, one would have to choose the right technique for him or herself in particular. However, as an example, we will use the Satipatthana Sutta aspect of Buddhism. This inidividuals technique, early in the process, focuses on the body. The particular points on which the practictioner actually mediates upon are his / her breathing, posture, comprehending, self-repulsiveness of the body, material elements, and, oddly enough cemeteries. This is only a shadow of the full extent of this, or any, Buddhist meditation technique.

Will buddhist meditation help you in any way? The world of health professionals have found that any form of meditation can be physically helpful if approached properly. If for no other reason, meditation is a reliever of stress, which in turn lowers the potential for so many stress related illnesses, such as high blood pressure and heart conditions. Is Buddhist meditation right for you? That is purely dependent upon your point of view. We strongly urge that you study into the subject, as well as that of Yoga and Pilates, before making a choice. From these three, you will surely find the perfect technique for you.

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