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 Becoming a Buddhist — Know the Steps

Buddhism is known to be a religion of self-awareness, sacrifice and the search for the reaching of personal enlightenment. It is more common in Asia than from the United States. If you are deciding to become a Buddhist, here are the steps for the process:

· You need to give away any unneeded possessions. Buddhists believe in the concept that humans suffer because of their dependence to possession and their greed on material things. In order to be a Buddhist, you must be willing to live a simple life. Some Devout Buddhists even give away their cars, and cut their electricity connections. These things are a sign of selfishness as for other can live without having those things in life. Of course, it can be a difficult thing to do when you are from a luxurious life. But in time, you will learn on how to do them. At first, you will sacrifice your other possessions by giving them to your friends or to charity.

To live simply is the main teaching of Buddhism. One must always choose to live simple in order to gain enlightenment. If one is too attached with possessions, he can never be free of anger, greed, and continuously wanting for things.

· Practice the habit of donating to charities. Buddhists believe that positive contributions given to the world will not only make other people & # 39; s lives better, but also within the world that he lives in. It is the means of donating money, time, and any charitable debts that will make the other person & # 39; s life have less suffering. It will also keep the idea of ​​money from ruling your life.

· Practice kindness. One of the common Buddhist practices is carrying a broom with them whenever they go to the mountains. They sweep their path in front of them in order to avoid stepping on plants and animals. They believe that every life form is precious. If you are beginning as a Buddhist, the broom carrying might not work for you now. You can apply kindness into other things in your life like being kind to your family, neighbors, friends, and strangers. If you see a spider, a cockroach, an ant, try to avoid hurting and killing them. They might be of no use inside your house, but they have lives too. They do their tasks, just like we do our own. They deserve to be there. Also, try helping the people in need. Be kind at all times, and you can see how much goodness it will bring to your life.

· In fully to becoming a Buddhist, research the faith of other Buddhists. You have to be truly embodied by the spirit of Buddha. In order to do this, you must learn about the teachings and beliefs of most Buddhists. There are religions that are similar with Buddhism and you can also search for these.

Becoming a Buddhist is such a magnificent thing. It makes you enjoy life to the fullest even without having all the possessions you think could make you happy. All of the sufferings in the world are because of the greediness of people. When you become a Buddhist, you will detach from all the wishes in life, and live simply while enjoying it to the fullest.

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