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 3 Female Sexual Fantasies You CAN Satisfy — Make Her Melt With One of These Tonight

Do you know how many men regularly ask us about female sexual fantasies? A lot! And why? Because in MY view, the topic is somewhat taboo to begin with …. men simply are not sure what REALLY erotically amps UP women because there is simply NOT a lot of stuff out there that talks about. Of course, all of the male fantasies are played out in public — from billboards to cable TV shows, to 95% + of the adult film industry to boot .. 🙂 But of course, women have their OWN very sexy, and often very private fantasies as well! Let & # 39; s take a look at 3 common ones, and see how YOU can surprise your lover, (or even your date .. 🙂 with a very impressive experience! Read on .. 🙂

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Did you know that MANY women have a secret fascination with danger and sex? It & # 39; s true … and this is a MAJOR reason why so many women love making love in public! Some studies have actually proved there is a BIOLOGICAL reason for this, as dopamine is released into the blood stream … which can heighten arousal! So take her out in public …. in a car, under the bleachers … where-ever it is, be safe … but know that she is going to find the risk WELL worth the reward!

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If I & # 39; ve said this once, I & # 39; ve said it 100 times. Women LOVE to hear you talk dirty … even the dainty ones! Yes, she might not return the favor when you first start … but trust me it will turn her on, and you are going to find she & # 39; s got a little sailor in her as well! This is one of the BIGGEST fantasies that women talk about in private too!

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Want to know what will REALLY make her wild? Simply worship every inch of her body … and TELL her how hot she is, how magnificent and how magical her every movement is. Women CRAVE this sort of erotic attention and so few of us get enough! You will make her CRAZY in love (and lust) if you can master this magical move, I promise!

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