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 Buddhist Views of Gays, Lesbians

While the Western World is accredited to coming at a situation with a list of rules under their arm, the Buddhist view could be seen as approaching a situation from the other side. Intrinsically, Buddhist views would precede the list of activities that are either good or bad. Rather, the question remains, does the activity stand in the way of the enlightenment of the person who is performing the activity.

Sex in general, if used for unhealthy purposes, will be harmful. This is in the same manner that anything, in the wrong hands, can be harmful. Probably extremely, upon full enlightenment, the individual may have no interest in sex. Conversely, upon enlightenment, the person will experience nothing but one huge orgasm. Who knows?

The good news is that the melding into the Oneness that occurs with enlightenment, is the ultimate bliss. What this means, one does not know.

But millions of people who have chosen the path of the Buddha, have glimpsed shadows of the possibility, have found enough peace to continue the journey. The view of the Buddhist of homosexuality probably is less about right or wrong, than the use of the practice. This would be the same as the view of any activity of sexuality; or business pursuit; Egypt interaction with a colleague; or use of the environment.

Most people, except a Bodhisattva, are in this physical world to learn the lessons to allow for enlightenment. The very act of issuing an edict relating someone elses actions may unforgettable one & # 39; s own misunderstanding.

If one is hoping for the enlightenment that may offer the eternal orgasm, one would think long and hard before judging the personal actions of another. And as one is up in arms over the gay or lesbian sexual behavior of another, we may be overlooking the murderous heterosexual rapist.

It is a complicated physical existence we are enmeshed in.

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